Submarine Warriors

Meet the Characters

Captain Robert Connery

Captain Connery is the commander of the USS Alaska and has spent the last twenty years of his life patrolling the ocean depths in defense of his country.  He comes from a long line of submarine sailors dating back to World War II.

Caroline Connery

Caroline is Captain Connery’s teenage daughter.  Extremely intelligent and strong-willed, Caroline has grown up living on Navy bases all around the world and knows how to adapt to changing circumstances.  With a father that spends half the year under water, she’s grown up fast and knows how to take care of herself.

Admiral Connery

Caroline’s grandfather and a famous retired Submarine Admiral.  A bold, risk-taker who isn’t afraid of anyone or anything.

President of the United States

At age 40, the leader of the free world is youngest U.S. President ever.  He distinguished himself in combat as a Delta Force commando serving in Afghanistan.

Lieutenant Wyatt

As the Weapons Officer (Weaps) on board the USS Alaska, he’s responsible for the ship’s torpedoes, ballistic missiles and sonar suite.

Nick Wyatt

The teenage son of Alaska’s Weapons Officer.  He’s a class clown and a great soccer player.  Impetuous, he often dives head-first into situations before thinking, but he always lands on his feet.  He’s fearless and likes playing first person shooters.

Petty Officer Grant

He is one of the Radiomen onboard the Alaska and is responsible for all ship’s communications.  Either via a high-frequency antenna sticking out of the water, or ultra-low frequencies rising from the ocean floor, he keeps the sub connected to the outside world.

Chrissie Grant

The daughter of Radioman Grant, and best friends with Annie, she possesses a healthy dose of skepticism regarding things that don’t look right.  She’s headstrong, but knows how to rise to the occasion when it’s time to “step-up.”

Petty Officer Love

He is one of the Quartermasters on the Alaska which means he works with maps, charts, GPS and other advanced navigation systems to ensure that the sub can always find its destination.

Annie Love

The daughter of Quartermaster Love, and best friends with Chrissie, she’s immensely inquisitive and always wants to know how things work.  Her keen level of perception allows her to read people and see situations for what they really are.

Petty Officer Timbers

He is a Sonarman onboard the Alaska.  His expertise in sonar technologies allows him to determine distances between the sub and other objects.  He can also identify what types of ships and subs are nearby, based on the sound of their propellers.

Mike Timbers

The son of Sonarman Timbers, Mike is a complete technology wizard, but is sometimes forgetful like and absent-minded professor.


Julia is Caroline’s mom, Ashley is Chrissie’s mom, and Michelle is Mike’s mom.  When it came to the design and construction of the high-tech tree house, it didn’t hurt that the mothers of the young heroes were hyper-intelligent and worked at local companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing.

Charley Keller

The XO is second in command of the USS Alaska and has been a good friend to Captain Connery, and his father Admiral Connery, for many years.  He’s been known to bend or break a few rules to do what’s right.

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